Vertical stainless steel bearing system. The windows operate with easy handling up and down. The slimmest available profile at only 20mm wide. Fixed or sliding. 


      Tracks and Frames

  • Recessed and concealed within the floor, wall and ceiling
  • High precision, smooth counterweight operation
  • Slim 20mm sliding profile



  • Single, Double, Triple
  • Panel size up to 12m² horizontal or vertical



  • Drainage options available
  • Drain system built into the tracks



  • Aircraft grade aluminium anodised in 25 microns (natural)
  • Bespoke coloured anodising in 25 microns
  • Powder coating in RAL colours
  • Suitable for diverse environments with 10 year warranty



  • Various locking mechanisms available
  • Motorisation
  • Lower panel may be configured to lower into the  ground


  • Stainless steel rollers bearings fitted within the tracks
  • Smooth, easy operation.
  • Motorisation - Push button motorisation can be concealed within the structure
  • Locks - Various options available for locking mechanisms including electric locking
  • Trickle Air Vent - Allows for a continuous flow of fresh air without a security risk
  • Screens - Any material can be fit to our profiles including timber, stone and steel panels



  • Aluminium and stainless steel parts require minimal maintenance and can be done with ease with our removable tracks.
  • Extreme reliability and durability keeps maintenance to a minimum.


  • Thermally broken tracks and frames ensure highest performance ratings
  • Extremely high thermal insulation in profiles and in frames to maximise energy and cost efficiency
  • Extreme air and water resistance ideal for ocean fronts
  • Well suited for harsh environments and extreme weather conditions
  • Options for energy or cost efficiency, and meeting BASIX requirements are achieved using single, double and triple glazing